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  Donnie Drake vs. Rory MacLeod

Donnie Drake: 6'1, 205

Donnie fucks up the Scot's handsome face with a grinding forearm

Legs splayed wide, Donnie grinds his victim's skull into pulp with a grounded side headlock

Though he's already hung out to dry, Donnie uses a knee to choke Rory over the ropes

Donnie locks a bitch collar on the suffering Scotsman, claiming ownership

A big European uppercut turns the lights out on Rory

Feral Dog, Savage Mauling

Rory MacLeod embodies everything it means to be a Scotsman: fiery; bold; patriotic; and as unyielding as the hills of his homeland. And, of course, there's the kilt. Rory has taken on a who's who of BG East's top talent, from Dick Rick to Aryx Quinn, and despite putting forth amazing performances each and every time, all his opponents seem to talk about is that damn kilt! BG East Superstar Donnie Drake is no different. "Pretty skirt for a pretty lass!"

Rory MacLeod didn't fly across an ocean to be some whipping boy for a cocky guy like Donnie Drake. "You Yanks always talk too much." But Donnie has EVERY reason to be cocky! Graced with leading man good-looks, overflowing with charisma, and with a sculpted body perfectly primed to explode into action, Donnie also belongs to a VERY elite club at BG East. He's one of only three wrestlers to have not one, but TWO Wrestling Spotlight Series, an honor he earned through blood, sweat, and sheer grit. And the dog collar he's sporting in the ring couldn't be more apt, because this is one viscous Alpha Dog. And this dog's ready to make Rory his bitch!

Done barking and ready to show his bite, Donnie lunges forward and cinches on a mean headlock, grinding away at Rory's hard skull. Trying to loosen the hold, Rory throws some solid gut punches Donnie's way. But every time he lands a blow, Donnie just growls and cranks the hold that much tighter. Forcing Rory down, Donnie can't help himself and begins mashing Rory's face into his stomach. "How do you like those abs!?" Donnie's fans would love to be in that position, but all Rory can do is sputter with indignation and use his free hand to fight for his freedom. Which is when Donnie grabs that free hand, brings it up to his mouth, and latches on like a feral hound, viciously biting at Rory's hand!

This is a Donnie we've never seen before, a rabid animal out to completely savage his opponent. Rory tries to tap into his Scottish hardiness and fight back, snapmaring Donnie down to the mat and into a rear-naked choke. But Donnie just reaches up, grabs a fistful of Rory's hair, and tries to rip it right out of the scalp. If these were dogs, the fur would be flying!

And now, Donnie is pissed. Literally walking all over his opponent, standing fully atop Rory isn't good enough, nor is trampling him, nor jumping and planting his feet into his gut. Donnie leaps down at Rory, grabbing his throat with both hands, before simultaneously choking the life out of his opponent and slamming his head down on the mat, over and over again!

Having so much fun depriving the Scotsman of precious oxygen, Donny gives Rory a personal tour of all the ring's ropes and corners, and how they can be used every which way to asphyxiate someone. Whether it's standing on Rory's back with his throat draped across the middle rope, or thrusting a boot against Rory's windpipe in the corner, or mounting him like a dog as he's choking on a turnbuckle, Rory is continually panting and gasping for air. "Welcome to America, you Son of a Bitch!"

Every single time Rory tries fighting back, Donnie becomes more enraged, always escalating the trauma Rory endures. Piledrivers that might just dent the ring (or Rory's skull!). Stomps and punches that leave bruises. And as is only appropriate coming from Alpha Dog Donnie Drake, a brutal bulldog completely DEMOLISHES poor Rory. With his opponent beaten into submission, Donnie unclasps his dog collar before locking it around Rory's battered throat. As the Alpha Dog leads his new Scottish bitch from the room, it's clear the training has only just begun!

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Donnie rains massive forearms down across the back of his crawling victim

With the jobber grounded, Donnie sinks his claws in deep and throttles Rory on the mat

Donnie leans back, wrecking Rory with a camel clutch variation

Rory clutches at his chest, reeling from the Demolition masterclass he was just put through

Rory thrashes and kicks as Donnie's superior weight bears down in the bootchoke

Using the ropes, Donnie crushes the cornered Scot's throat

Rory MacLeod: 6'0, 188

Donnie rides his opponent's face into the buckle with a mounted bodyscissors

Forcing the Scot to watch his own destruction, Donnie viciously threatens to unhinge his jaw

Donnie goes full heel with a low down, dirty low blow

It's all over...Big Bad Donnie Drake sets Rory up for the punctuative piledriver

"Even the rocks and stones would cry out": Donnie worships his own greatness when necessary

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