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  Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander

Kid Karisma: 5'8, 175

Karisma makes use of the gazebo structure and traps and chokes Carter in the corner from behind

Karisma's face screwed up in pain as Carter torturously stretches out his muscled body

Sitting his own impressive ass in Karisma's face, Carter digs deep as he claws at the marbled abs

Flexing mightily, Carter arches and bridges to escape the tight full-nelson

Latching on like a tick, Karisma rides Carter to the mat in a rear-naked choke bodyscissors combo

The Gazebo: A Modern-Day Colosseum

From the Northeast to Florida, to the rings to the matrooms, BG East has no shortage of iconic wrestling locations. The Great Outdoors Series showcases three legendary wrestling spots that not only embrace nature, but also provide the perfect settings for the hardcore BG East thrashings that fans know and love. Like the Roman gladiator pits of old, the BG East Gazebo provides a spectacular circular view of two combatants battling it out in the sun for the delight of thousands of fans. Or, for the delight of one Caesar, the Boss himself. And what a feast of muscle the Boss has ordered up today! Kid Karisma versus Carter Alexander. One shall stand, one shall fall!

Now, Kid Karisma is one of the funnest guys when not in action, but if you take him on in a match, you're gonna be in pain for days. Chiseled like a statue, and as hard as one, Karisma has secured his place as one of BG East's greatest talents. Powerful and versatile, he'll rip submission after submission from his opponents, wearing a smile the whole time. Carter Alexander may not have the experience that Karisma has, but he's got just as much muscle packed onto his tall frame. If anyone can withstand the force of Karisma, it's going to be Carter.

As Carter is flexing his mighty muscles in the gazebo, Karisma comes zipping in (casually walking in just isn't his style!) before gushing. "Who are you? Oh, look at this face. Cute cute! But that cute face is pretty much all you got." Carter is already left stunned by Karisma. Pointing to his chiseled abs, Carter asks "What about these?"

Never one to let his opponent get the upper-hand, even when the sparring is verbal, Karisma offers a customarily rapid fire, cheeky response. "The tattoos? Yeah, they do a good job covering your body. Abs? I don't see any. Can we get some better lighting in here?! I don't need any for my muscles to show, but he definitely does. I can't see anything on him!" No one can keep up with Karisma in words or actions, which is hammered home when an explosive burst of speed has him lunging into Carter and tossing him across the shoulders. Karisma just wanted to work on his legs a little before the match truly got underway, as he starts walking around the gazebo doing squats with Alexander!

Carter isn't an opponent one should take lightly though, as he uses those long limbs to land a solid blow into Kid Karisma's chiseled abs. Carter's advantage only lasts seconds, as Karisma rolls atop him, yelling "You want to hit abs? YOU want to hit abs? Let's hit some abs!" After landing some furious blows, Karisma locks on a guillotine/bodyscissor combo that has Carter yelling for mercy. Once Karisma gets what he want, he lets his hunk of a victim go, only to be blindsided by some brutal gut punches. Sensing his opportunity for revenge, Carter sinks his fingers into those insane abs, proving that even Karisma's abs can feel the bite of a powerfully executed ab claw!

Each man's abs take a brutal beating throughout the match, as neither man can resist throwing in a powerful gut punch, an agonizing stomp, or a vicious claw whenever the opportunity provides itself. But those amazing sets of abs aren't the only muscles made to suffer, as each man attacks everything from each others pecs to their stunning asses. These are two warriors determined to cause severe pain for extreme gain.

Even the gazebo itself is used to help inflict maximum damage! Railings help Carter crank up the pressure of an elevated headscissors. Karisma monkeys around one of the support beams, wrapping himself around Carter and using his leverage for a devastating choke. And what colosseum battle would be complete without horses? Clamping his steel thighs around Carter's midsection, Karisma doesn't need a chariot, because he's found his horse to ride!

It's as though a thumbs down has come from the unseen Boss, as a brutal sleeper ends things as swiftly as they began. Not only one of the hardest hitting musclestud matches from BG East, this is also one of the most delightfully fun matches, though the lion's share of fun goes to the wrestler who walks away with all the accolades!

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The Karismatic One stretches out the shredded form of Carter in a grounded dragon sleeper

Carter screams in pain in Karisma's crucifix scissor combo

Carter battles back from beneath as he tries to restrain Karisma's hands

Wrapped up all nice and tight, prettyboy Carter struggles for air in the rear-naked choke

Carter drools on the karismatic bicep as the rear-naked choke puts him out cold

Carter writhes desperately as Karisma gives him a faceful of crotch

Carter Alexander: 6'2, 188

Look, ma! No hands! Karisma rides a doubled Carter in a bodyscissors

The Karismatic one victoriously sits astride his ripped, muscled victim

Karisma carts Carter around the gazebo with an inverted bearhug

Carter roars loudly as he looms dominantly over Karisma in a reverse schoolboy pin

Carter rolls up the ginger musclestud and delivers a well-deserved spanking to the award-winning ass

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