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  Charlie Evans vs. Blaine Janus

Blaine Janus: 5'8, 155

Blue-jeaned beauty battle with an over-the-knee backbreaker

Charlie applies an ineffectual reverse bearhug as he hangs precariously in an inverted bearhug

Charlie's spine nearly folds in on itself in the punishing camel clutch variation

Charlie distracts and diverts Blaine's wrath with a liplock as his hand drifts towards his package

Charlie helpless and laid out as the victorious Canuck's bulge eclipses his cute face

The Backyard: Ginger Jam

Moving from the Gazebo to the spacious BG East Backyard, we find ginger newcomer Charlie Evans doing some yard work. Fresh off a victorious BG East debut, the sensational reviews for Tag Team Torture 19 went straight to his head. Feeling like he dodged the "jobber bullet", he's been bragging around the office about his flawless winning streak (1 for 1) so much that the Boss sent him out to do some yard work in order to deflate that ego just a bit. But when the Boss looks outside, he sees Charlie hiding in the shade, pretending to work, continually checking his phone for messages from new fans. Furious, the Boss is intent on showing Charlie that sometimes you can't escape that jobber bullet, especially when the Boss wants to make a point! Enter Blaine Janus.

Blaine's heard a lot about Charlie (mostly from Charlie himself), about how he's gonna be the biggest and best ginger wrestler on the scene, better than Kid Karisma or Steven Ponce. What really infuriated Blaine was the fact that Charlie completely left out Blaine, because he apparently doesn't consider Blaine to be a "true" redhead. So when the Boss shouted into the common area that he needed someone to go teach Charlie a lesson in work ethic AND to make sure it hurt, Janus was already chomping at the bit!

Storming outside, Janus doesn't waste any time getting to the point. "Hey, pretty boy, shouldn't you be, I don't know, actually raking something?" Charlie can't help pulling the ginger-card. "I don't know, it's a little too sunny, so I'm just gonna chill in the shade. Do you have a problem with that?" Knocking Charlie's phone out of his hand, Janus let's him know what's really bugging him. "I've got a problem with entitled people, ESPECIALLY gingers trying to walk on MY turf." Charlie can hardly believe it. "You're a ginger?! I don't think so!" A furious shoving match ensues while accusations fly about who looks like Ron Weasley or Mitch from Modern Family, before Blaine's final shove sends Charlie to the outdoor mats he was supposed to have already put away. Charlie can't believe this. "You want to take me on to see who the top ginger is? Is that what this is?"

Kicking their shoes off, the two collide in the center of the outdoor mats, tearing each others shirts off. Standing in their jeans, Janus wonders aloud what Charlie's pale skin is going to look like after all's said and done, and before Charlie can rattle off a response, Blaine picks him up twice before literally chucking (not dropping) him down to the mat. "Wow, look at all those red mark already!" Adding to those red marks is a devastating over-the-knee backbreaker/pink belly combo. Tossing Charlie off him like a ragdoll, Janus doesn't waste a second before pulling Charlie back up for a crushing bearhug. Throwing Charlie back down, Janus forcibly strips Charlie's jeans off, leaving him in just a pair of incredibly revealing blue undergear.

Straddling Charlie, Blaine doesn't want to be the only one left in jeans. "Take them off me" Blaine orders Charlie. "Are you gonna make me?" Wrong thing to say! Blaine smacks Charlie before forcibly making him slowly and seductively remove his jeans. Before they're completely off, Blaine's already thrusting his meaty package into Charlie's face, and Charlie can't help but to allow his hands to roam over Blaine's body. As Blaine keeps Charlie pinned beneath him with their crotches thrusting into each other, it's starting to look like their animosity may have been hiding deeper feelings!

But before things get too enjoyable for Charlie, Blaine clamps on a pec claw that leaves Charlie screaming for mercy! Clamping it on even tighter, Blaine literally lifts Charlie up and off the ground by the pec claw before transitioning into another bearhug. Using just one arm to pin Charlie's hands behind his back, even as the bearhug steals his breath, Blaine uses his free hand to force a kiss from the trapped Charlie. Charlie's not screaming anymore!

Seeming to have a hard time settling between making out with Charlie and marking him up, Blaine lands on marking him up, delivering a series of ab claws, lifting pec claws (again!), and planting a foot into his back that leaves a clear footprint. Rolling him into a crushing grounded bearhug, Blaine mixes pain and pleasure by simultaneously crushing Charlie's windpipe with a free hand and nibbling on his ear!

With the brutal beating continuing, Charlie realizes that two can play at using sex as a weapon! Lifted back up into a bearhug, fighting through the pain, Charlie begins worshiping Blaine's muscles before leaning in for an epic make-out session that goes from the air to the ground. With Blaine thoroughly enjoying Charlie's advances, he's caught completely by surprise when Charlie slips behind him and pulls him into an ab stretch. Transitioning into a crotch-splitting spladle, Charlie gets to have a little fun, alternating between seductively rubbing Blaine's package and cranking on the submission tighter, even throwing in a few pink-belly slaps for good measure.

Of course, the fact that Charlie tricked Blaine only enrages his opponent. What follows is a brutal back-and-forth, with upside-down bearhugs, camel clutches, bodyslams, torture racks, and sleepers. Jeans are used to choke, rakes are raked across backs, and bodies turn bright red. And through it all, nearly every single move is punctuated with a liplock! No matter who wins this Battle of the Gingers outside, the unleashed lust may very well spill into the bedroom!

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Blaine gleefully garrotes the gingerboy with his denim jeans in a schoolboy pin

Blaine looms over Charlie as his claws tear and rip at the smaller man's pecs

The fair-skinned northerners lock lips on the mats

Legs clamped tight around Charlie's waist, Blaine stretches back with a reverse chinlock

Blaine's tight rear-naked choke puts the ginger newbie to rest

Blaine looks down, chuckling as he teabags his unconscious opponent

Newbie on the block comes face to face with Canadian favorite Blaine Janus

Blaine hefts and restrains the ginger babyface with a brutal bearhug

Blaine yanks Charlie up off the mat with the deeply dug pec-claw

Blaine clings desperately as his victim wriggles free of the inverted reverse bearhug

Charlie endures the draining bearhug with the jeans garrote still dangling from his neck

Blaine hoists the ginger babyface off the mats with a reverse bearhug

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