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  Chace LaChance vs. Mason Brooks

Chace LaChance: 5'9, 180

Chace's insanely immaculate body does pullups on the infamous Wrestleshack's beams

Mason muscled off his feet in a brutal bearhug

Mason grounds the bronze god's muscled form with a single-leg boston

Mason meets mat as Chace works the double armbar atop his back

A bow-and arrow, bodyscissors variation stretches musclegod out on the mats

The Wrestleshack: A Place of Creativity

Where better to end The Great Outdoors than the Wrestleshack, located in the BGE woods where no one can hear the collision of muscles and yells of pain that so often pour from the shack! And one hell of a collision is about to occur there!

Chace LaChance struts into the shack, looking more muscular than ever. Enjoying the privacy the isolated shack provides, Chace immediately shucks his shorts off, revealing an incredibly clingy pair of gray briefs. Never one to miss an opportunity to pump his muscles, he immediately grabs a rafter and starts pounding out a rapid succession of pull-ups. Just as a sheen of sweat is beginning to make Chace's muscles glisten, in walks Mason Brooks.

Just as Chace is looking his finest, Mason is looking buffer than ever! Mason's competitive nature doesn't waste a second as he grabs the rafter next to Chace and pumps out a series of perfectly fluid pull-ups, allowing for a sensational view of a side-by-side muscle bonanza. Cocky Chace can't resist critiquing Mason's form, though. "You'll never get results like that." But Mason is no slouch, whether it's muscles, wrestling, or taking immediate action. "I'm ALL about the results," Mason says as he suddenly tackles Chace right down to the mat.

Mason doesn't take too kindly to insults. With a few quick knees into Chace's gut, Mason goes right for a humiliating schoolboy pin, smothering Chace's face in his more-than-ample package. "How do you like THESE results?" With Mason practically humping his face as he's rolled up tightly, Chace swears he's gonna kill him when he gets free. "Oh yeah? When's that gonna be?"

Mason should be careful about taunting someone with as much muscle as Chace, because with a burst of power from legs that can bench hundreds of pounds, Mason is flung backwards onto his back, just where Chace wants him. Cinching on an incredibly tight bodyscissors and flexing in Mason's face, Chace warns him about the pain to come.

Despite the bone-crushing pain (or perhaps because of it), Mason is doing everything he can to escape, and with Chace a little too focused on his own muscles, Mason is able to slither free and lock-on his own bodyscissors/bow-and-arrow combo hold. "Pulling out the complicated moves now, huh?" Chase grunts out. "We haven't even begun to get complicated yet," Mason says with a smirk.

And boy, does this match get complicated for the both of them, with extra little twists put on all their moves. Crotch-splitting spladles aren't good enough, so nipples have to get tweaked. School boy pins now have extra butt stomps on the chest thrown in. Bodyscissors become extra humiliating once spanking is tossed into the mix. An insane chain of bearhugs has the victim squeezed every which way. And then there's the low-blows. Those aren't too complicated, but they're so vicious they may definitely complicate future progeny!

Chace may have the muscle advantage, but Mason has the experience and tenacity to make this one of the hardest fought matches of either's career. The tight, sweaty conditions ensures maximum erotic contact as their bodies are perpetually entangled, each fighting for dominance over the other. But only one is going to walk out of this shack victorious.

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Pretty boy prep and Muscle boy jock grapple on the mats

Chace's sweat drips on the wilted, fading frame of Mason in the camel clutch

Chace stretches out his victim's punished body in an over the knee backbreaker

Chace's thickly muscled legs crush Mason's pretty little skull

Mason clamps his quads tight on the muscleman's skull with a torturous headlock

Mason's long, lean legs work on the musclegod's midsection in a tight bodyscissors

Mason Brooks: 6'0, 170

Like Samson bound by Delilah, Chace's muscled form is restrained and locked up by masterful Mason

The thick quads crush and punish the thinking man's homoerotic wrestler with impunity

Mason's misguided attack on the muscle stud brings him to his knees in a full nelson

Chace growls and Mason grimaces as a tight reverse bearhug cracks his ribs

Hot, hunky, hairy, chiselled Chace positions himself victioriusly in a schoolboy pin

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