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  Joe Robbins vs. Donnie Drake

Joe Robbins: 6'2, 240

Big, beastly Joe warps Donnie's spine with an over the knee backbreaker

Donnie whips Joe like a prize racehorse with a jumprope

Mounted on his back, Donnie utilizes the jumprope to strangle Robbins

Donnie brings the biggger man to the mat with the jumprope garrote

Donnie rides his massive opponent around the ring with a rear naked choke

"Scream for me!!!"

It's a tale as old as time. Power versus finesse. Strength versus skill. Donnie Drake is an impeccably seasoned pro wrestling heel with more credits to his name than most wrestlers earn in a lifetime. Donnie forces opponents to forget about his heart throb handsome face and the beauty of his muscled body by being one of the most vicious and talented competitors to step into a pro wrestling ring. He is the total package of looks, strength, and skills, and he's a big, brawny bad ass. Except when compared to Joe Robbins.

Joe has a knack for making everybody look small. His thighs are bigger around than most of his opponents' waists. His biceps are significantly thicker than Donnie Drake's neck. Joe's ring specialty has been crushing opponents like empty soda cans, using his gargantuan muscles and superhuman strength to apply more pounds of pressure per square inch than any opponent has been able to withstand.

As Donnie and Joe meet outside the ring, they take an instant disliking to one another. Joe shoves one of his massively peaked biceps in Donnie's face. "Yeah, you're a pretty big guy," Donnie snarls back, pointing at the American flag stitched across the crotch of Joe's trunks, "but that's a pretty small flag." Leave it to Donnie to face the biggest opponent of his career and immediately question the size of his manhood.

The match is unlike anything either of these storied studs have faced before. Donnie's speed and ring savvy run circles around big, brawny Joe as they feel one another out. He repeatedly outhustles the big man to lock down punishing submission holds before Joe has time to defend himself. Time and time again, big Joe muscles free, but you can see Donnie mapping out every tolerance and pressure point on his massive opponent, studying him like a lab rat in preparation for dissecting him with surgical precision. He not only fells the giant sequoia, he makes mighty Joe wail in agony, threatening to snap one of Joe's thick arms in half in a dangerous arm bar. He chokes the giant in the ropes. He bites his massive, meaty deltoid! "How does it feel being helpless now?" Donnie asks a question no one has ever been quite in such a position to ask before.

While Joe may have never faced the speed and ring skills of someone like Donnie, Donnie has never quite encountered the unique challenges posed by a muscled specimen like Joe. Donnie's clotheslines bounce off the behemoth like nothing at all. His stomps and gut punches quite clearly hurt Donnie more than their target. Just one misstep from Donnie, and big Joe racks him across his shoulders like a barbell and does effortless squats. "I can go all day," Joe smirks, in clear retort to Donnie's earlier insult of his manhood.

The back and forth battle tests both impenetrable combatants like never before. Gallons of sweat keep these two finely tuned physiques glistening as they tear each other apart. In the end, one devastating wrestler knocks his opponent out cold, using the opportunity to brag, uncontested, about having every inch a better body than the limp, impotent loser at his feet. Don't count either of these brutal battlers out until you see the very end!

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Joe Robbins vs. Donnie Drake
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Joe put through his paces as the smaller pro rocks him with a brutal, punishing kneedrop

The massive quads of Joe crush all the air from Donnie's lungs with a reverse bodyscissors

"I can go all day!" Robbins roars as he squats Donnie in the backbreaking torture rack

Donnie fells the giant sequoia with a big, flying clothesline

Joe barrels his boulder shoulder into the gut of his cornered opponent

Neither will go down without a fight; Robbins with an iron claw, Donnie with a double pec claw

Donnie Drake: 6'1, 215

A single-leg boston crab has the Goliath groaning in pain

Using Donnie's own weapon against him, Joe binds and grinds the pretty pro into the mat

"Scream for me!"; Donnie wails as his ribcage collapses in Joe's bearhug

Donnie looks about finished in a carrying, over the shoulder rack

Joe brutalizes Donnie's spine with an over the shoulder backbreaker

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