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  Zip Zarella vs. Royce Perry

Newcomer Zip Zarella: 6'0, 205

Prettyboy Perry works a side headlock on his training buddy

Royce brings Zip to the mat with a reverse chinlock

Zip's big biceps crush the air from Royce's beautifully built bod with a brutal bearhug

Pretty-in-purple Zip lifts his former tag partner off the mat with a suspended bearhug

Zip throws up a bowling ball bicep pose as he chokes his opponent with a knee

"I'll tear you limb from limb and look good doing it!"

Royce Perry and Zip Zarella are buddies who share the same dream of big time pro wrestling glory. They train together. They work out together. They not only know each other's moves, they can practically finish each other's sentences. It's an epic bromance between two of the hottest, prettiest, most skilled indy pro wrestlers to beg for a shot at honing their craft for the most discerning wrestling audience of all, BG East fans.

Beautiful, blond Royce Perry is the All-American boy next door. The babyface beefcake has a sweetly tanned surfer body, with thick, powerful pecs and an athletic ass guaranteed to make fans swoon. Already the master of dozens of holds, Royce is the man with the plan in this partnership. He monitors their training goals. He holds their noses to the grindstone to continually get better and stronger.

Zip Zarella is equally as pretty, and just as sensationally built, but with a party boy edge. The generous, dimpled smile across Zip's baby face is counterbalanced by the expansive bad boy tattoos across his meaty pecs. Their different temperaments have always complimented one another, bolstered by a fierce friendship and the shared challenges of breaking into this business.

Their debut with BG East gets off to a rough start, however, when Royce questions the aesthetic choice of Zip's boldly purple trunks. "Purple is pretty!" Zip protests. "You ain't prettier than me," Royce snaps back, determined to stake out his territory in the coveted pretty boy category than BG East fans appreciate so much. "Well see about that," Zip replies.

The battle for the crown of prettiest rookie starts out as a friendly contest between closely matched opponents. Royce takes the initiative early on, expertly applying wristlocks that drop his taller opponent to his knees. Royce's smooth, confident transition to crank hard on a side headlock brings a cocky grin to the blond beauty's face. Like a chess master thinking five moves ahead, Royce systematically works his training partner into a sleeper. "I... I can barely breathe, your arms are so big," Zip gasps with a mixture of panic and sincere appreciation for his buddy's power. "Don't I know," Royce crows, cinching up the sleeper that much tighter. "The ladies love them."

What starts out friendly and familiar slowly, steadily turns darker as it dawns on these two pretty boys that they aren't just competing to win, but to win the hearts and fantasies of fans. Royce fights dirty first, tying his training partner's arms up in the ropes in order to punch and kick and chop the pretty right out of Zip. With thoroughbred bodies like these, no one is submitting any time soon. Zip muscles his way back into contention, hoisting the blond beauty into a bearhug and promising to break his spine. Royce struggles to hold onto all that dazzling prettiness as Zip drags him from corner to corner to smash his beautiful face into one turnbuckle after another.

Perhaps underneath every bromance is a simmering, jealousy-fueled rage threatening to boil over. Or maybe it's just Royce and Zip who, when push comes to shove, start relishing the opportunity to hurt each other as only a best buddy knows how. They test one another as only training partners can. Admiration and camaraderie give way to contempt and a bitter rivalry that's clearly been brewing between them, unspoken, all along. Betrayal, sweat, and screams linger in the air as one dazzlingly pretty rookie seriously messes up his former best friend because the only loyalties that matter in this business are fan loyalties to the hot, ripped, beautiful young stars on the rise that earn it by making an opponent concede who's the real master of this ring.

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The ripped rookies lock horns and battle for supremacy in this double BGE debut

Zip works a grounded reverse bearhug on the mat

Zip throttles his partner in the corner with a blatant choke

Zip whips Royce midring with a legdrag

Perry in pain as his partner wraps him up in a leglock

Zip dominates the prettyboy with a big bootchoke in the turnbuckles

Rookie Royce Perry: 5'9, 180

Zarella works an armbar on his grounded opponent

A kneeling surfboard, chinlock combo stretches out tatted Zip's ripped bod

Ripped Royce ties Zip's big arms up in the ropes

Royce thrashes and reaches for the ropes, his strength sapped by the rear naked choke

A tight, constricting rear choke nearly lays ripped Royce to rest

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