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  Cole Cassidy vs. Joshua Goodman  

Cole Cassidy: 5'8, 170

Goodman flexes powerfully to free himself of Cole's full nelson

Goodman wedgies and mounts the grounded MMA fighter's back

Insult to injury: Cole skull-crushed and wedgied in Goodman's standing headscissors

Cole racks his massively muscled opponent's nuts on the ropes

Mr. Goodman bulges beautifully as he's ripped and spladled wide

Welcome to the Jungle

Best Overall Match
"You're dead meat," Joshua Goodman says as he climbs into the ring with perpetually dangerous shoot fighter Cole Cassidy. It's a brash prediction. Cole is one of the most brutal, dominant wrestlers in competition, successfully translating devastating MMA skills to make him virtually unstoppable both on the mats and in the ring. And he's built out of nothing but blood, sweat and thick, ripped, bulging muscle. The prettier they are, the more vicious crippler Cole gets. And there are arguably few quite as pretty as tanned, toned, loin-cloth wearing Joshua Goodman. "Bring it on, jungle boy," Cole snarls back, sounding hungry.

Joshua is in the best condition of his life. His bronzed muscles and perfect proportions are ripped from the cover of a classic jungle man novel. His opponents would do well to know two things before they mix it up with Mr. Joshua. First, he has emerged as one of our more accomplished ring stars, edging toward heeldom himself. He may dazzle you with all of that crystal cut, breathtakingly gorgeous beauty, but underestimate him at your peril. And second, speaking of dazzling, opponent's should be forewarned about the legendary size of the python he barely manages to stuff down the pouch of that loin cloth. If you aren't prepared for it, the sheer size and shimmy of Mr. Joshua's behemoth bulge alone could knock you on your ass.

Cole's contempt for his pin-up boy opponent lands him in a heap of trouble moments after the match starts. Joshua warns him he's been training, but still the serious MMA fighter is caught completely flat-footed when the jungle man smoothly sweeps his legs out from underneath him. There's a confident certainty about Joshua's skill in chaining together one dominating hold after another. Standing head scissors squeeze the good sense out of Cole, crushed between those bronzed, bulging thighs. With little to no provocation at all, Joshua sets his sights on brutalizing Cole's crotch with punches, stomps, and savage claws. This is a coldly calculating new version of the notorious narcissist, and Cole is literally paraded around the ring across the back of Joshua's sensational mash-up of beauty and the beast all rolled up into one.

This brutal back and forth battle is packed with plot twists. No one should be surprised when Cole fights fire with fire, firing at will on the huge target swinging like a pendulum between Joshua's thighs. "Payback's a bitch, huh?" Every hold is a potential submission. Every move is a possible crippler. And facing one of the finest physiques in the business wearing some of the sheerest, most revealing gear of Joshua's career, Cole treats fans to an intimate anatomy lesson at Joshua's expense. A shockingly violent suspended spladle threatens to rip Joshua apart at the hips. Cole's repeated over-the-knee backbreaker's clearly intend to not only beat the jungle man into submission, but to make sure he never walks again.

There are a half a dozen finishers in this match, mostly because these magnificently toned physiques keep bouncing right back from what would put a mere mortal in the hospital. But the finishing holds also start to pile up because winning just isn't enough anymore. Neither of these sensationally fit hunks will call it quits until the screaming stops, and one of them is so badly beaten he can't fight back. You'll want to take a long look at these muscled bodies, but it will be the intense, high impact, quality pro wrestling that will leave you breathless to the sweat soaked end.

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Cole Cassidy vs. Joshua Goodman
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Cole suspends Mr. Joshua in a brutal suspended surfboard hold

Goodman grinds Cassidy's skull with his thick quads in a reverse headscissors

Joshua carts Cole around the squared circle with a spine-warping torture rack

Cole cries out as Mr. Joshua stomps and crushes his crotch underfoot

Cassidy's spine crunches as he's rolled up in a single-leg boston crab

Mr. Joshua sways his bulge in Cassidy's face as he preens and poses

Joshua Goodman: 5'10, 180

Mr. Joshua squeezes a standing headscissor and whacks Cole on the crown of his skull

Goodman in agony as his back is wrecked in a punishing surfboard hold

Goodman maneuvers the shootfighter into a woeful widow's peak

No more Mr. Nice Guy for Mr. Joshua as Cole claws his crotch

Sexy suffering: Cassidy armlocks and claws Goodman's crotch from behind

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