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  Jobe Zander vs. Spence Murdoch

Jobe Zander: 6'0, 180

Spence sees Jobe's headlock and raises him a powerful side bearhug

Class is in session: Jobe puts the newbie through his paces in his debut match

Spence zeroes in on the Centerpiece with a big boot stomp

Spence brings his own Centerpiece to bear...right in Jobe's wasted face

Bound and helpless in a tree of woe, the Centerpiece is whipped and vandalized

The Elephant in the Room

There's an esprit de corps among the wrestling hunks at BG East. Sure, in the heat of competition, egos are bruised and bitter rivalries burn hot, but win or lose, wrestlers respect one another outside the ring. Except for Jobe Zander. No one respects Jobe.

It's difficult to have a conversation with Jobe inside the ring or out, without his pride and joy, his mammoth bulge, coming up in the conversation. He calls his overstuffed pouch "The Centerpiece," and he takes every opportunity to demonstrate his infatuation with the size of his own endowment. Fans love him for the same reason that wrestlers hate him. No opponent will ever respect The Centerpiece enough to satisfy Jobe.

So Jobe's intention to break into the tag team ranks have hit a snag. No one wants to be his (and The Centerpiece's) partner. If he can't attract a tag team partner on the merits of his impressive assets, Jobe has decided that he'll take some raw, star struck rookie by force and mold him into the tag team partner that The Centerpiece deserves.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Spence Murdoch, he is that eager, raw rookie Jobe has set his sights on. Spence is a back alley brawler. He doesn't know a lot about ring wrestling, but he is extensively experienced when it comes to making men hurt. There's nothing graceful or pretty about this tattooed street stud. By Jobe's thinking, Spence is the perfect rough edge to provide the right contrast to the awesome beauty of The Centerpiece.

"You know what?" Jobe asks when he finds Spence warming up in the ring. "I like you. Do you want to be my partner? We can talk to management, and maybe you can carry my cape and my gear to wrestling shows." By the look on Spence's face, Jobe is having the same effect on him that he has on everyone else. "No," Spence snarls. "Maybe you should get used to rejection."

Determined to beat the rookie into compliance, Jobe opens up an overwhelming assault on the stunned rookie. He roughs the newbie up with sucker punches and cranium-rattling clotheslines. "Look at that, asshole!" Jobe taunts as he cranks up the pressure on a side headlock. "Want to be my partner now?" He strips out of his own trunks to show off The Centerpiece silhouette in supertight low-rise briefs, in order to further convince the rookie of his rightful place. Just to drive home the point of his argument, Spence gets an intimate introduction to The Centerpiece in face-to-crotch headcissors and schoolboy pins, the ominous inevitability of becoming Jobe's "acquisition" looming just overhead.

Jobe whips Spence with his belt buckle and bends the brawler over his knee for a humiliating spanking. The rookie cannot get any traction, with the veteran controlling the pace and corralling his quarry with authority. Things are heading downhill fast for roughnik Spence until the rookie stares squarely in the face of his true opponent in this match, The Centerpiece. It's a rare rookie whose entire career trajectory seems to hang in the balance on whether he wins or loses his debut match, but Spence trades ball bashing blows with the ballsyiest wrestler in competition to determine whether he'll walk out of this ring as The Centerpiece's bitch. Jobe Zander almost certainly did not win a new friend at BG East today, but the real question is, did he acquire a new tag team partner?

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Spence slaps the wasted superstar back to consciousness

Jobe leans back with his belt choking out his hairy opponent

Jobe forceably acquaints the rookie with his legendary namesake

The Centerpiece uses his namesake to smother his rookie foe out cold

Jobe uses the ropes to pour the pressure on an already painful, punishing headscissors

Jobe levels Spence with a powerful clothesline

Spence Murdoch: 5'8, 140

Spencer carries Jobe up and over for a ring-shaking slam

The Centerpiece planted squarely in the overmatched rook's face in a cocky schoolboy

Zander gets his nuts racked with his own ring prop

Spence employs Jobe's own belt to brutalize his crotch

Spence shows proper respect to the Centerpiece...with a big double stomp

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