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  Kirk Donahue vs. Trevor Read

Trevor Read: 6', 190 lbs

Trevor tries to mask an outright choke hold on the erstwhile baby face fan favorite

Kirk bulges big as he surpasses the hot heel in the corner

Trapped on the ropes, Kirk's back and bulge are arched in high relief

Trevor Read thinks he's well on his way to an easy victory over fan favorite Kirk Donahue

A sleeper has the pretty baby face spread wide and in deep trouble

"No More Mr. Nice Guy!"

Expectations were soaring for this show, BG East's first live show in a long, long time, a fundraiser for The Pride Center at Equality Park serving the LGBTQ community of Southeast Florida. All the proceeds from the show and from the silent auction (which included dozens of BG East and NewProWrestling dvds) went to support the great services and functions offered by the Center, one of the best of its kind in the nation.

But in all likelihood, nobody expected our first match to be as strong as it was, - in some minds, the best of the night. In it, fan favorite tough-boy next door, fresh and freckle-faced Kirk, faces sexy wild-boy heel Trevor in what could have easily been a main event. Instead, it made a spectacular opener! New to BG East, Trevor wants to humiliate Kirk in front of the fans, and hearing through the grapevine that Kirk's wins have been few and far between, he thinks this will be an easy squash. Well, think again, longhair!

This is not the same Kirk who won nominations for Best jobber and Best Babyface. We're not saying he's an outright heel. not by a long shot. But as Kirk was overheard saying before one of the tapings at the BG Arena which was kept busy day and night in the days leading up to and following the Wrestling for Pride show, "No more Mr. Nice Guy!"

But one thing which hasn't changed is the incredible way Kirk fills his trunks, fore and aft. If anyone wondered why he has been a nominee for both Best Butt and Best Bulge in successive years of BGE's Best Of poll, any and all doubt will surely be erased after seeing the way he rocks his bright orange briefs - and we do mean brief! Gobsmacking and eye-popping are gems of nuanced understatement which don't do this true wonder justice!

The opponents in Match #1 get hot and sweaty real fast under the hot lambent lights of the squared circle and from the high expectations of the eager tropical South Florida crowd. Nothing touches the energy that an enthusiastic live audience generates, and the fans were vocal and unwavering in their support of babyface Kirk and their loathing of Trevor's cocky egotism, sexy arrogance and rule-breaking shenanigans.

In the match's tensest moment, Trevor's rear naked chokehold on Kirk looks like a guaranteed finisher. The ref lifts Kirk's arm and lets it drop, testing the wrestler's ability to continue the fight. Twice it drops limply to the canvas, the crowd beside itself with suspense, but the third time it rises, unvanquished, unbowed, unapologetic, and Kirk rebounds to give Trevor a man-sized dose of hot pro payback.

Here is a classic match worthy of the early days of television wrestling, when heels were dastardly and babyfaces were hometown heroes who were hard to lick! Kirk Donahue cements his status as a BG East top fan favorite and Trevor Read makes a spectacular debut as a wildly charismatic, totally tough and impossibly sexy heel.

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Kirk Donahue vs. Trevor Read
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Is Trevor down for the count?

The hot heel is in serious trouble!

Kirk was a Best Butt nominee!

Proof positive of Kirk's sterling qualifications for a Best Butt nomination for the BG Besties!

Magnificent heel hotness personified: The fans didn't know whether to boo or blow him kisses

Kirk Donahue has proven himself time and time again to be a tough talented tactician

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170 lbs

Trevor traps Kirk on the ropes and tries to rearrange his features

Even the ref can't keep Trevor from working Kirk over on the ropes

The action spills out of the ring

Trevor tries to rearrange the pretty boy's features by ripping his nostrils and jaw out of whack

Ref Ricky Roma checks a bulging Kirk Donahue to see if Trevor's sleeper has finished him

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