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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander  

The new and improved Ty Alexander - at 5'10" and weighing in at 175 muscle packed pounds!

Not the ref! Triple crotch claws have all three howling!

Tombstone piledriver! Tricky Ty is heading for a helluva headache!

Humiliating the Firestorm for the pin: Cocky Ty plants his purple package on Jonny's furry face

Ty is in serious trouble as Jonny goes airborne with a huge flying knee drop

This is gonna hurt! Ty is in for a huge surprise as Jonny takes to the air with a big flying boot

"Tyriffic" Alexander Meets The BG Wunderkind

Jonny and Ty confirm we are indeed in the BG East galaxy, both wrestlers veritable icons of Kid Leopard's concept of professional wrestling as an art form above all else. The Kid himself lends Ty the mic to launch a Ty-rade first against his former tag team partner Chase Addams who somehow weaseled his way into the color commentators booth manned by long-time "Voice of BG" Bob Wood and BG veteran Randy Roberts.

Ty is incensed that his former friend, now nemesis will be providing a steady stream of none-too-flattering comments throughout the course of this match. And once he's given the finger and a few choice snarky remarks to guest commentator Chase Addams, Ty turns his attention to his highly esteemed opponent, an even snarkier rant which almost everyone in the room senses is the nail in the coffin of the "Cocky" upstart. It's not for nothing that Jonny was for several years running "Best Heel" in the BG East fan polls.

Jonny's working-class image is starkly in contrast to the bed-tanned party boy's air of insouciant entitlement, so is Jonny's amazing tolerance for pain and knack for raising the bar on pain for those who piss him off. Grabbing balls and notching up a half dozen or so near pins, Ty puts up a fine offense that would be a fast finish for almost anybody but Firestorm. Events take an insane turn when Ty grabs Jonny's balls, Jonny grabs his balls in return, and both wrestlers grab referee Rick Roma's balls in a circle of wrenching agony!

This too is no squash. Ty's ongoing pro training and muscular development have certainly paid off. He gives Jonny a run for the money, even planting his bulge on the Firestorm's face! But the fans are with the leather clad Firestorm and clamor "Jonny! Jonny!" till they're hoarse, knowing full well that Alexander will be paying the piper any second now. Jonny lashing back is one of the finest things you will see this year. If ring wrestling is indeed an art form, Jonny's act of retribution is the Mona Lisa of comeuppance.

After Jonny wrestles Ty down to the mat like a rodeo calf and strips him down to a G-string, BGE legend Shane McCall lends him a belt to collar and harness the fancy boy. Jonny then marches Ty inside and around the outside of the ring, letting fans give the fancy boy the spanking he's been practically asking for, much to the startled delight of all those lucky enough to have front-row seats. Would that all professional wrestling matches and shows had a match so singularly entertaining and unbridled in its joy and enthusiasm for the fine art of mayhem and madness.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander
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Set up for a tombstone piledriver: Jonny Firestorm gets a face full of Ty Alexander's packed pouch

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