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  Ace Aarons vs. Tiko

Tiko! 5'7, 145 lbs

Pretty Tiko grimaces as Ace works a rear chancery on newbie pro

Tiko hovers as Ace begs the forbearance and silence of the fans

Tricky Ace feigns a lock-up but then delivers a boot to his opponent

Somehow we don't think this bodes well for gorgeous newcomer Tiko!

A suffering Ace reaches into his bag of tricks as veteran Shane McCall makes his presence known

Two Indy Gay Pros Fight for Pride of Place in the BG East Pantheon

New hire Tiko, originally from Thailand, is strongly built, immensely likable, and good looking, a natural for the company's always-growing roster and a most welcome addition to its splendid collection of baby faces. In what looks like a possible case of freshman hazing, The Boss has booked him against sexy "Macho Man" Ace Aarons, one of the meanest heels ever to join the roster and one who has, from all accounts, been wreaking havoc on the ranks of the BG boys, pro and otherwise, in the ring and on the mats!

Ace literally licks his chops at the sight of the rookie, anticipating the fun and games to shortly follow. And can you blame him for salivating? Tiko has an exquisite physique, a beautifully sculpted face, two legs that can deliver some serious scissor suffering, some clearly evident abs, and a derriere of divine development.

Tiko also has those ideal babyface qualities of sincerity, vulnerability and innocence which make many a fan of pro wrestling swoon. And not surprisingly, the crowd adores Tiko and roots for him, cheering on his attempts to hold back the tide, hoping against hope that the young rookie warrior will prove victorious. but all the signs point to a total and demeaning demolition, which will surely please heel-lovers and squash-match fans everywhere. This match has the all the hallmarks of a classic pro wrestling drama.

Tiko suffers one indignity after another at Ace's hands, the lines of agony drawn heavily on his face, the muscles on his beautiful body tense and contract as he suffers on the mat. No indignity is spared the lovely Tiko. Ace alternates between rule-breaking punishments and outright bullying to demean the rookie. The assaults become nastier as the match proceeds. Ace revels in the opprobrium of the fans. It seems to drive him onto to even more outrageous and deeper degradations.

When the attacks of blatant rule-bending drive inexorably toward a manic crescendo, and beleaguered referee Ricky Roma dares to intervene on behalf of the even more beleaguered rookie, Ace attacks him, too! More brute than sportsmanly wrestler, Ace once again absolutely delights in the boos and hisses of the crowd. Antagonizing the crowd further, he spurs even more public indignation by inflicting more and even harsher indignities on Tiko! Ace is riding high and nothing can seem to stop him.

Things get so bad that even ring announcer Kid Leopard tries to intervene - and you KNOW the going is getting NASTY when it's too much for veteran heel Kid Leopard to bear! Shockingly, Kid Leopard too draws fire and ire from Arrogant Ace Aarons! That assault is the tipping point for BGE stalwarts Brad Rochelle, Scott Williams, and Shane McCall, who rush in and attempt to put an end to the madness and mayhem.

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Ace Aarons vs. Tiko
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Big mouth, down and dirty heel Ace walks right into Tiko The Thai's nice clean white boot

Grabbing the rookie by his ears is just one ace in Ace Aaron's big bag of bullying

Even the ref isn't safe! Ricky Roma runs straight into Ace's big decapitating knee lift

Damn! Even The Boss is not immune from the onslaught of Arrogant Ace Aarons' rampaging riot!

Ace steps over the line and faces the wrath of Brad Rochelle, Scott Williams and Shane McCall

Kid Leopard and Brad Rochelle make up, team-up, and gang-up on an out-of-control Ace Aarons!

Ace Aarons: 5'9, 187 lbs

Poor Tiko is about to make an exit from the ring - the hard way!

Arrogant Ace does not hesitate to plant a foot on the pretty boy's face

Ace plants his plentifully packed pouch right on the pretty boy's lips

Ace's blatant double-handed choke hold has Tiko's pretty backside pinned in the corner

What the hell is Ace Aarons doing??? It's a killer but you'll have to see the match to find out!

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