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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Denny Cartier  

Jonny Firestorm, 5'6, 155

Jonny lectures Denny

Bridges before the storm

Jonny spread with a banana split

Denny's singlet strap around his neck

Is It Hot In Here?

In preparation for the intense competition of the Outgames, Jonny's coach Kid Leopard, suggests he spar with another BG wrestler with a strong amatuer background, Denny Cartier. After his ring pro trashing by the big Bulldog Barzini, Denny was keen to redeem himself on the mats and happy to take on a more evenly sized opponent. Jonny too welcomed the idea since he had already requested a ring match with the very evenly matched Denny. When Denny arrives, Jonny is cordial and friendly: the perfect BG East host.

They begin with some stretches and core workout techniques, even locking their legs together for some cooperative crunches and a friendly handshake before the first lockup. So far, so good. Jonny tries to sweep Denny's leg for the first takedown, but is unable to get past the lad's basic strength. Gradually Jonny starts to get 'creative' - and increasing more aggressive, starting with an arguably legal hand around Denny's neck. "Dude!" Denny yells in irritation, "You crossfaced me!" Jonny counters condescendingly that he's "training for a legitimate competition". This was supposed to be a friendly practice, but it's devolving into rough-and-tumble BG mayhem, Jonny's specialty. After steeping well past the line of codified amatuer rules and forcing Denny into painful submission, Jonny struts over to the mirror to preen and adjust his singlet. But Denny is no dupe; he takes Jonny down and scores a grudging submission of his own. And now it's Jonny complaining that the move was illegal, and Denny would've been disqualified in a reffed match. Temperature rising, tempers on edge...

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Denny Cartier
42 minutes
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Jonny does NOT look pleased

Rip strip the singlet time

Denny Cartier, 5'6, 155

Denny exacts some revenge

Jonny cradles Denny

Disfiguring Denny's face

if at first you don't succeed

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