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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Tournament Opponents  

Jonny in Montreal

Jonny and his coach

Pre-battle niceties

Uh oh! Serious predicament!

Cranking a side headlock

This "jockumentary" follows BG East star Jonny Firestorm's adventures - and misadventures - in Montreal for the first World Outgames. Jonny is seen driving into Canada's Sin City, arriving at the Olympic Stadium with his coach, Kid Leopard, to register for the Wrestling competition, marching in the opening ceremonies with throngs of cheering athletes and all variety of performer. Next up, Jonny shows up to be measured and weighed-in. After being fingered affectionately and admiringly, Jonny clocks in at 67.3 kg, making him just shy of the 66kg weight class in which he expected to compete. Instead he is bumped up to the 74kg class. Jonny informs us (and his competitors) he hasn't formally wrestled in amateur action for 3 years, sticking exclusively to pro matches. Firestorm hopes this will help lull his bigger foes into a false sense of security. After a luxurious shaving session in his private suites, we rejoin Jonny in the wrestling arena for his first match with a much taller goateed hunk.

On to the competition and Jonny's 3 tournament matches - exciting, tough, fast-paced and surprising. Does Jonny defy the odds and defeat his heavier, taller opponents? Several tournament matches are featured, with our focus on Jonny before, during and after the action. When the tournament comes to a close, Jonny basks in the bright sun and spotlight of the awards ceremony as he is presented his well-earned medal to the acclamation of the crowd, including some BG East fans! We're everywhere!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Tournament Opponents
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Lock up with his German oppo

Smiling Jonny Firestorm

Post-match camaraderie

Preparatory stretching

Jonny squeezes a half

Jonny in the bottom position

A very tough weight class

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