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Dark Rogers

Height: 5'11", Weight: 170 lbs.

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Dark Rogers appears in these BG East products:

X-Fights 5  (Catalog 18)$39.00

Chase - Muscle Showcase Plus*   $39.00  Originally $49.00

Matmen 8*  (Catalog 12) $29.00  Originally $39.00

Matmen 3*  (Catalog 6) $29.00  Originally $39.00

Matmen 2*  (Catalog 5) $29.00  Originally $39.00

Private Bouts 125-128*  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 117-120*  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 113-116  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Bass Wallace vs. Jason Ward
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. PJ
Chuck 'Tiger' Collins vs. Terry Talbert
Dark Rogers vs. Justin Fiori

Private Bouts 109-112  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 105-108  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Clint Morgan vs. Jason Ward
Dark Rogers vs. Flyboy
Carlos Garcia vs. Cowboy Billy


Private Bouts 101-104  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 85-88  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Clint Morgan vs. Matt Carlton
Chuck Collins vs. Ken Mason
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Mark Hunter  (WATCH VOD! )
Dark Rogers vs. Billyboy

Private Bouts 81-84  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 69-72  (Catalog 24)$44.00

John Jay vs. Scott Rogers
PJ vs. Jason Ward
Andy Bailey vs. Terry Talbert

Private Bouts 62-65  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Chuck Collins vs. Scott Rogers
TNT vs. Terry Talbert
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Bobby Powers

Private Bouts 58-61  (Catalog 24)$44.00

PJ vs. Scott Rogers
Matt Carlton vs. Tim Anderson
Andy Bailey vs. Skip Malibu
Kid Leopard vs. John Jay

Private Bouts 54-57  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Chuck Collins vs. TNT
Bruiser Bronson vs. Bob Powers
Scott Rogers vs. Chase  (WATCH VOD! )

Private Bouts 46-49  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Matt Carlton vs. Scott Rogers
Butch Graham vs. Cary Peterson
Kid Leopard & Raw Deal vs. Chuck Collins & TNT


Private Bouts 42-45  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Scott Rogers & Matt Carlton vs. Bruiser Bronson & Randy Roberts
Chase vs. Tim Anderson
John Jay vs. Andy Bailey

Private Bouts 32-36  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Nick Stracko vs. Kent Madison
Rick Scorpion vs. Randy Roberts  (WATCH VOD! )
PJ vs. Russ Graham  (WATCH VOD! )
Brian Baxter vs. Scott Rogers  (WATCH VOD! )

Private Bouts 27-31*  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Private Bouts 19-22  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Troy Andrews vs. Tim Anderson  (WATCH VOD! )
Thom Katt vs. Troy Andrews  (WATCH VOD! )
Thom Katt vs. Tim Anderson  (WATCH VOD! )
Tommy Lopez vs. Scott Rogers


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